Richard Brewer

We purchased our house some three years ago, there was a list of projects which we knew needed to be undertaken, however a new roof was not one of them, after several years of storms water ingress and patching the old roof we decided to replace the roof, this was some 300 Mtr Sq.

We obtained several quotes and engaged Malcolm of Strictly roofing to undertake the work, we are based in the UK so having to deal with any issues that arose remotely was going to be a challenge. Malcolm commenced the work on the agreed date and kept us fully informed of progress and any issues via email and photos, which was very useful and allowed us to make an informed decision on what needed to be done. Due to the age of the roof there were many decisions to be made and Malcolm gave us a true picture of what needed to be done.

The work was completed on time and to the agreed budget, we have gone through a very wet and stormy winter the house has remained dry and we have had no need to contact Malcolm, the house continues to dry out and the roof remains secure.

We have recommended Malcolm to a number of friends and neighbours who have issues with their roof. Once again Malcolm and Dawn many thanks for completing the replacement roof.

Richard Brewer

2nd June 2016