Tony & Madeleine Graf

From the start we were impressed by Strictly Roofing. Malcolm arrived at short notice to examine the very aged leaky roof of our second home in Savigne, and we did not find it difficult to agree that any repair work would be “opening a can of worms”, and that really we needed the roof replaced. It was in a terrible state. The devis was delivered to us quickly and was priced in great detail so we really knew what was what. We agreed a start date, and were assured that if we were in the UK when it was done we would be sent many photos of the work in progress and at completion. This was reassuring because of the Covid situation. As it happened, we were in Savigne when the work began. It had been delayed by 2 weeks due to a combination of bad weather and supply delays…neither of which was under Malcolm’s control. However, the work was completed in record speed. The team were very professional, polite and helpful, and did a super job, leaving the site clean and tidy. The roof looks terrific! We would recommend Strictly Roofing to anyone. Tony & Madeleine Graf – 86400 – October 2021

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