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The Team

Malcolm Cooke


Our company director was introduced to the roofing trade after leaving school. A summer job that allowed Malcolm to save up whilst he prepared himself to study maritime radio communications at university. However Malcolm quickly discovered his love of roofing, and what started as an interim job ended up being the first steps of his lifelong career. Malcolm decided to continue in the building and construction trade; specialising in roofing.

Malcolm’s extensive experience began in his native country; the UK. He has worked across the continents on special projects where his roofing skills have been needed in the construction of unusual and stately homes. Malcolm thoroughly enjoys variety in his work, but his passion is, ‘…all things slate’. Therefor he loves working on English Heritage buildings, churches and has had the pleasure of working on the UK’s finest buildings. Malcolm is equally keen to work on French chateaus, however the more complicated the roof, the more he enjoys it. With over 40 years’ experience Malcolm loves a good challenge and his mind is always on the job. Malcolm regularly states that he absolutely loves roofing – thinking of it constantly.

Malcolm and his family moved to France in August 2012. He quickly discovered the need for trusted and specialised roofers amongst the local and expat communities. This is when he founded Strictly Roofing. Malcolm started helping clients with home renovations and responded to emergency leaks in the local area. Eight years on and Malcolm has built a thriving company that covers large regions of France. Strictly Roofing is proud of its exemplary reputation for delivering quality workmanship on time and on budget.

Josh Cooke


Josh moved to France with his family when he was 12 years old.  After he finished his BaccalaurĂ©at, he was introduced to roofing by Malcolm, his father.

Initially Josh wanted to study civil engineering at university, but during his 8 years of roofing he has discovered a deep passion for the art and craftsmanship of roofing. Josh has a keen eye for detail and a particular love of architectural shapes and geometry. Josh specialises in zinc work, anything from guttering to zinc work on slate roofs.

Josh has recently become Co-Director.  As well as working along side Malcolm, he also manages and takes the lead on projects.

Dawn Romans


Dawn is the beating heart of the company, organising and facilitating a pretty hectic schedule with laser-like precision. She is always the clients first point-of-call and can advise on everything from roofing systems, materials and prices to official French building regulations and the documents and paperwork that’s needed to execute them. Dawn can answer your questions, and if she doesn’t know the answer – she’ll find it.

Being that Dawn is the unofficial ‘boss lady’, she makes sure that everyone knows what they are doing, where they are going and orchestrates the diaries. She organises auto-entrepreneurs and contractors; such as Josh and Tara, if needed, making sure that everything has been thought-through and attended to. Ensuring that the company is continually moving forward. Dawn compiles the devis and factures/quotes and invoices and makes sure that all the accounts are reconciled.

Prior to living and working in France, Dawn worked in the UK’s public sector for over 16 years. Specialising in HR training and development and management reporting. We feel very fortunate to have her on the team.