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Recent Saint Jean Angely Project

We met the Wood family after they contacted Strictly Roofing for a second opinion. They were very keen to finalise the work before winter. Unfortunately the previous owner of the property had repaired the roof themselves which allowed underlying problems to go unnoticed. When Strictly Roofing stripped the roof back they discovered that two hip beams were rotten. They had to be completely replaced. Strictly Roofing kept the Wood family up-to-date and involved in the process by taking pictures and showing them the extensive damage. Luckily Strictly Roofing knew exactly what to do and undertook the work swiftly. They also replaced all the guttering with zinc guttering. It had to be replaced and done in a specific way, so Strictly Roofing contracted out a specialist to ensure that the Wood family received the very best.

Recent Ruffec Project

This property situated in the centre of Ruffec was recently purchased by the Aubree family. After they moved into their new home they started to discover leaks coming through the roof. This is when the Aubree family contacted Strictly Roofing for some professional advice. After a full evaluation by our team, the Aubree family were informed of the extensive damage and problematic wood worm infestation that was present in their roof and structure. Strictly Roofing informed the family with detailed guidance, advice and a itemised quote. The Aubree family are very happy with their new roof and 10 year guarantee.